Winter Newsletter 2014



We hope you are looking forward to the Christmas Concerts at QMC on Sunday December 7th 2014.

Our Charity is requesting your help as a volunteer on the day. We have broken the jobs down into easily manageable roles and time slots and would ask you to sign up online to help. 

Dont worry - If you have to back out later due to other commitments or illness,  once signed up, that can all be managed easily on line.    We use an online system as we have no paid employees and this reduces our admin time by about 80%.

Raffle Prizes will also be gratefully received.


We have had a greater than normal request for uniforms in the last few weeks.  Some sizes are running low. Please check your uniforms before your next rehearsal and let your conductor know immediately if you need a size change.  

At this late stage new members are advised to arrange hire through our online shop immediately.



Our online shop enables you to hire a uniform, become a charity member, join the 100 Club and even advertise your un-needed instrument.


Our chairman has been trying TOPCASHBACK  and has been comparing prices through the site  to externally available prices.  

We can confirm that you can save 100's of pounds just shopping normally through the  website.

If you join now you will also get a £5 Marks and Spencers voucher just for signing up.

Use our charity referal link and once you save your first £15 our charity will receive £15 Cashback for introducing you.     It is a Win Win, can you afford not to try it? 

Our Referal Link


Charity Membership has dropped this year and we hope that if you are not a member of the 100 Club or the Charity that you will consider joining. All the money raised goes to support the work of the ensembles.