Concert Uniform

Students are required to wear a uniform  for performances.

Please allow at least 28 days to ensure stock availability and delivery before any concert.

  • Hire is arranged by paying a one off charge of £15.

  • After the initial fee is paid the uniform can be exchanged at no additional charge.

  • To reduce administration and delay -  making initial payment and exchange requests are preferred through this website, but can be arranged through the ensemble conductor.

SHirt and Tie Uniform

  • Black formal shoes

  • Plain black or dark socks

  • Black formal long trousers

  • Hired uniform shirt and tie


  • Knee length black skirt or long black formal trousers.

  • Black formal shoes

  • Hired uniform blouse

It is up to individual conductors whether ties are worn for concerts, but they will be issued with all shirt orders and may be required to be worn when progressing to higher level ensembles, so please ensure they are not lost as replacements will be charged at current cost.

Choose the relevant option by clicking one of the black boxes below


If you already have a hired uniform and need a different size, use the online form to order.

Next return the uniform to your conductor for replacement with a note including: 

  • Student's name

  • Ensemble Name

  • New size required

Your conductor will return your uniform to the hire co-ordinator who will already be arranging a replacement from stock or arranging embroidery and delivery of a new uniform top. 


Pay £15 online by using the link above and completing the form to hire your first uniform which can then be exchanged as necessary for a different size, as long as it is returned to the conductor.

The onus is on each member to take care of the loaned uniform and return it when they leave the ensembles. 

If completing a paper form & paying offline.  Return the form to your ensemble director as soon as possible, together with £15 - Cheques should be made payable to 'Friends of Bayo'.


I have received payment for uniform hire and will forward to the Treasurer (Or have authorised a 'hardship' order). *
Student's Name *
Student's Name
Shirts are measured in collar size and blouses in chest size. Scroll down to find your option,
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Conductor / Volunteer Submitting