QMC Concerts 9-12-18


In addition to the conductors, the people whose photos appear below (some to be added)  will provide the guidance you need to carry out your role at the event.

Our First Aiders are recognisable by wearing a Green and White First Aid Logo'd ID badge neck-hanger.

It’s aways cold at this concert especially in the entry foyer so wrap up warm, neck hangers and ID cards will be issued to helpers for identification purposes.

The main roles at this event will be set up and clear away. Entry Point sales, Refreshments and raffle. If we have enough volunteers we will also be taking names and emails of those wishing to join our volunteering list and promoting our 100 club membership.

David - Chair & First Aid,    Glenn - Volunteers,          Helen  - Raffle,              Nicki - Refreshments, Susannah - First Aid


link to generic information for all volunteers https://www.bayo-hampshire.org.uk/information-for-event-volunteers/