BAYPE at the Royal College of Music Percussion Festival

Some really Positive comments from the judges when the Percussion Ensemble Performed at the Royal College of Music Percussion Festival. Read them here >

........ Baby Elephant Walk - Mancini arranged W. Rapp

This is a nice arrangement which makes full use of the tuned percussion. The xylophone playing was very good, to a simple rhythmic accompaniment. The group were attentive to the conductorthroughout.

......... Latino Schmatino - Sheila Nolan

Sheila wrote this piece especially for the group months before she died. The performance was dedicated to her memory.

Again, the tuned percussion was very prominent and well done. Make sure that the accompanying percussion is not too loud. The group kept good time throughout.

........ Friend Like Me - Alan Merkin arr W. Rapp
This started with a nice rag-time feel on the drums. Again some excellent tuned percussion playing. The gear change toward the end was smoothly negotiated. Some good drum fills during the piece.