Comments from Audience Members

We have had many very positive comments about the performance standard, an email received from audience members last night reinforced this. We are glad they enjoyed the concert. 


A brilliant group of young people doing Britain Proud.

  • How lucky were we to hear a couple of buskers as we were walking 'Off' piste looking for posters to take home as souvenirs of the Festival . Speaking little French our evening would have been restricted to the pop up street entertainment. Enjoyable as that would have been it would have been petite bier compared to the evening of pleasure that you provided- A BAYO Tapestry of music.   We are not greatly experienced in listening to Classical music and such arrangements but are huge fans of Ennio Morricone and have seen him at the Albert Hall. If ever BAYO play his music we will be there listening now we follow the blog even if the concert were to be in Outer Space. Members of the Audience who spoke to us after the concert taught us a whole Thesaurus of French superlatives. Well done.

Mike and Liz Kelleher