Visiting Pont Du Gard aqueduct.

The Pont du Gard is an ancient Roman aqueduct that crosses the Gardon River near the town of Vers-Pont-du-Gard in southern France.Wikipedia this was the highest viaduct of the Roman Empire and built in 5 years. Now a favoured spot for canoeing and swimming and jumping from Rocks into the river.

Location: Vers-Pont-du-Gard

Did you know: Perhaps the most amazing fact about the Pont du Gard is that it took just five years to


Whoops..... As we assembled on the bridge  to leave a man fell down some rocks into the river  and looked to have broken  his arm. Our First Aiders assessed the location and decided it was unsafe to assist and summoned assistance for him in franglais through a passing street cleansing team and watched as a milk float ambulance came to assist. A number of our party saw the fall, but no one was concerned by what they saw. We've offered to chat with them if they feel they need to.