Lead Trustee: Chair and Glenn Walton  Contact friendsofbayoc@gmail.com

ADOPTED 8.2. 2018         Review Due    September 2018

It is recognised that the nature of volunteering opportunities will vary greatly from at one end fixed roles and commitments, to at the other carrying out a single function on one occasion.

Likewise the training and checks required will vary dependent upon role.

We will offer relevant training or guidance internally or through external providers.

As a charity working with children we only do so by providing volunteers in support of the Hampshire Music Service, as such we follow their procedures and practices as guided by the Hampshire Music Service, who will also be responsible for DBS checks.

We will maintain a secure list of volunteers.

  • Our primary list will be maintained online through signup.com with a paper back up, and printed list available to Trustees showing who has been DBS checked or has specific skills ie: First Aid, Food Hygiene, PAT testing etc., to enable better use of volunteers.
  • Volunteers can add or remove themselves from our lists and there will be an annual review of the list to ensure it is current.
  • Data will be kept securely and only shared internally for the purpose of organising events and communicating information, and  in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations 2016. (ADDED).
  • Health and Safety and Safeguarding Guidance will be sent to volunteers signing up for events.
  • Events needing support will be created on Signup.com
  • Volunteers can select roles online on the event page or can be added manually by organisers.

Benefits of using SignUp.com

  • Centralised list accessible 24/7 365 days per year.
  • Instant data on volunteer take up for organisers
  • Printable reports and sign in sheets
  • Simplified contact between the organisation and volunteers.
  • Active volunteers receive requests for help first.
  • Statistics are available for AGM and charity commission on volunteer numbers.
  • Control of role allocation - We can ensure volunteers only carry out roles suitable for their level of Training, Experience or DBS Clearance.