Mayor’s Charity Concert

Saturday, 3rd March - The Anvil

This page is for pre-read paper copies as required will be available on the day.

  • Rehearsal Schedule 
  • Evening Schedule
  • Choir Information
  • Re-uniting Information
  • Dressing Room locations


Rehearsal Schedule

11am - access to the Anvil
Set up percussion, then chairs and stands out for BAYWO.
Stickers on choir seats and labels for Dressing Rooms
12 noon Safety briefing : Paul Lock only
12.15pm Basingstoke Academy of Dance to arrive - backstage door
12.30pm Basingstoke Academy of Dance rehearse on stage extension
1.00pm Bas Area Youth Wind Orch to arrive - go to dressing rooms
1.15pm BAYWO rehearse on stage
1.45pm Massed choirs arrive - to come in through FRONT entrance, EXCEPT Youth
Choir & St Bede’s - access through stage door (St Bede’s Dressing Room is
backstage) (Youth Choir now using Linden Room as DR). ALL choirs need
to move to choir seats as soon as they are registered in.

Escort choirs to allocated sets in choir stalls.
2.10pm Choirs rehearse on stage, with BAYWO  BAD
2.25pm BAYWO leave
3.00pm BAYO arrive
3.15pm BAYO rehearse with choirs & BAD
3.20pm BATS Next Gen to arrive at stage door - to be checked in by their own staff.

Assemble and wait backstage
3.45pm Choirs leave building

BAYO rehearse with BATS Next Gen

4.10pm BATS Next Gen leave
4.40pm BAYPE to arrive (those that are not there already!)
4.45pm BAYO finish rehearsal, and leave
4.45pm Jess Gill rehearse on stage
5.00pm BAYPE rehearse until 5.30pm

6.20pm Clear the stage

(Howard Bentley sound check)


To arrive at the Anvil 1.45pm. All choirs except St Bede’s and the Youth Choir, to go in the
front entrance. St Bede’s & the Youth Choir to arrive at the stage door.
It is very important that a staff member for each choir arrives in advance of the
children. The Anvil will not allow students in without a member of their staff present
to register them in.
Challoner, Youth Choir, Marnel and Burnham Copse to leave coats in the Linden Room
(upstairs foyer). Merton & Park View to go to the Forge to leave coats.
St Bede’s Choir to Green Room backstage to leave coats.


Bishop Challoner - exit auditorium at Door C and re-unite outside the Linden Room
Burnham Copse - exit auditorium at Door C & re-unite by the circle bar
Marnel - exit auditorium at Door D &; re-unite at railing overlooking lower bar
Park View - exit auditorium at Door A & re-unite opposite Door A
Merton - exit auditorium at Door A & re-unite by Forge doors
St Bede’s - exit auditorium at Door B & re-unite on lower bar floor.
Youth Choir - exit auditorium at Door B & re-unite by display boards
Basingstoke Academy of Dancing - exit auditorium at Door D &re-unite by wall to the
left of that exit.
BATS Next Gen to exit stage door and re-unite there.
BAYO, BAYPE & BAYWO to leave by stage door and re-unite there.

Dressing Rooms


Rooms 8 9 and 11 are on 1st Floor alongside the entrance to the choir stalls.

See Maps at the bottom of the page.

Evening Schedule

6.45pm Programme sellers to be ready in uniform in Foyer
7pm - BAYO, BAYWO, BAYPE, Youth Choir arriving and registered in. BATS Next
Gen & Basingstoke Academy of Dance also arriving backstage door, BUT, registered
by their group leaders.
Cellos to be placed in Room 7, other instrument cases in Rooms 4.5 & 6. BAYO
players NOT in BAYWO or BAYPE, to go to Blocks M  N, stage right
BAYWO players - instruments out in rooms 4, 5 & 6 and tune.
BATS Next Gen - take to Block M, stage left
Basingstoke Academy of Dance to upstairs Dressing Rooms
St Bedes’s coming in backstage door, signed in by their teacher, take coats to Band
Room (at back of Green Room) and then go to choir stalls.
Other choirs, go in main entrance, leave coats in Forge or Linden Room, and go
straight to choir seats.
7.20pm - line up both sides, and go on to stage when told.
DAISY ROBERTS & FIONA WRIGHT (both in Youth Choir) to wait stage right for
Purple People Eater
Basingstoke Area Youth Wind Orchestra
Thunderbirds Theme Barry Gray arr. Philip Sparke
Purple People Eater Sheb Wooley
Soloists: Daisy Roberts and Fiona Wright
CHECK that BAD (upstairs Dressing Rooms) are ready for Hey Mickey

Basingstoke Area Youth Wind Orchestra
Star Wars - the Marches John Williams arr. Jerry Brubaker
Basingstoke Academy of Dance
Hey Mickey
Basingstoke Area Youth Percussion Ensemble
Raptor Chase & Finale from Jurassic World Michael Giacchino
Game of Thrones Theme Ramin Djawadi arr. W. Harding
Jessica Gill (flute & piano)
Carnival of Venice Briccialdi
Accompanist: Hannah Lindsey-Clark

The Galaxy Song Eric Idle & John Du Prez
CHECK BAD (upstairs Dressing Rooms) ready for Return to the Forbidden Planet medley
Basingstoke Area Youth Wind Orchestra
Doctor Who Ron Grainger arr. Douglas E. Wagner
Fetch Maedbh Corbett and Miriam Hills from Bishop Challoner choir (back stage left)
Basingstoke Academy of Dance
Return to the Forbidden Planet medley
I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon Jeff Moss
Soloist: Maedbh Corbett & Miriam Halls

Check BAD (upstairs Dressing Rooms) ready for dancing Time Warp
Basingstoke Area Youth Wind Orchestra
Stargate David Arnold arr. Jiri Kabát

Choirs & BAYWO & BAD
Time Warp Richard O’Brien arr. Johnnie Vinson


BAYWO (those NOT in BAYO) to be taken to Block M & N stage right to watch second half.
Basingstoke Academy of Dance performers who are not involved in second half - taken to
Block M & N stage Right
BAYO tune in Rooms 4, 5 & 6, and then line up either side of stage
BATS Next Gen wait backstage

Basingstoke Area Youth Orchestra
2001 - A Space Odyssey Richard Strauss
BATS Next Gen to wait at side of stage
Space Oddity David Bowie arr. Justin McCoy
Sinead Lewis to be fetched from Bishop Challoner choir during Les Miserables)

BATS Next Gen & BAYO

Selections from Les Misérables Schönberg & Kretzmer arr. Bob Lowden
BATS Next Gen to be taken back to Block M stage left for the rest of second half
The Ooh Song (from ‘Seat 25’) Nicholas Agnew, Madeleine Cooke & Phil Jones
Soloist: Sinead Lucas

Basingstoke Area Youth Orchestra
Star Trek Through the Years arr. Calvin Custer
Check that BAD (upstairs Dressing Rooms) are prepared for Lady Gag mix
Basingstoke Area Youth Percussion Ensemble
Cantina Band John Williams arr. Eric Kalver
Last Train Home Pat Metheney arr. Ron Vint

Basingstoke Academy of Dancing
Lady Gaga mix
Groups of around 4 soloists from Burnham Copse, Marnel, Merton, Park View, St Bede’s to
be brought down to right side of stage for Star Trekkin’
Basingstoke Area Youth Orchestra
Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them James Newton Howard arr. Patrick Roszell
Star Trekkin’ G. Lister, J. O’Connor & R. Kehoe
5 small groups singing (from Junior School choirs)
Fetch Megan Bowers and Sonia Smith from Bishop Challoner choir for Defying Gravity
Basingstoke Area Youth Orchestra
Theme From E.T. John Williams arr. James Ployhar
Choirs with BAYO and BAD
Defying Gravity Stephen Schwartz arr. Roger Emerson
soloists: Megan Bowers & Sonia Smith