Grade 1 Challenge

We are going to run a Grade 1 Challenge, in association with Trinity College London. We would like you to sign up to learn an instrument (or a new instrument) and in February 2017,  you will take a full Trinity College, Grade 1 examination at Queen Mary’s College. Trinity are waiving 50% of the examination fee, and as usual, you will get a full report of the examination, and a Trinity College certificate.

In return we would like you to get sponsorship to do this, with variable amounts for achieving a Pass, Merit or Distinction, with the funds going to the Friends of Basingstoke Youth Orchestras and Choirs who support the ensembles.

BAYO has a small number of instruments which could be hired out for the duration of the challenge, for a small fee, but we are sure that many people have instruments at home, lying abandoned in a corner, or in the loft, which could be brought back into service. If you do not want to use it yourself, perhaps you would be willing to lend it to someone so that they can fulfil their dream.

We also advertise instruments for sale on behalf of our members free of charge. You might find the instrument of your dreams, or wish to list an instrument for sale.  >>>> Instrument Sale Site

Syllabuses for all instruments, and full details of what is required are available from Di Fuller. Please help us with this exciting challenge, and have some fun making music. Maybe we could even have a ‘Challengers’ Orchestra’ to perform at the certificate presentation evening.  Anyway, it will be great fun to take part.

To register your interest in taking part please complete the form below.

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