To apply email the area director JohnFuller3@gmail.com or speak to your conductor.

Lead Trustees: John Fuller / David Woods  

Policy and Process approved at 19th March 2019 trustee meeting         

Review Due    September 2019

Summary - Where non - compulsory musical opportunities are offered to support the musical education of BAYOC members including workshop days, workshop weekends and Concert Tours and a fee is charged to attend the event, the Charity will seek to ensure access is available to all BAYOC members and that no one is excluded due to Financial Disadvantage or Personal Exceptional Circumstance.

The Criteria - We recognise that individual circumstances need individual solutions. Where Financial Disadvantage is evidenced at a level where support would be provided by a Hampshire County Council state maintained school, if such a school had organised an educational trip, or where Exceptional Circumstances such as (but not restricted to) a familial crisis such as a death, serious illness or injury of a family member, the sudden loss of earnings of a wage earner or separation or divorce occurs then funding will be considered for partial or full payment of the attendance charge as deemed appropriate.

Funds - The Trustees shall set up a specific fund to enable the charity to pay the cost / percentage of the cost of that members attendance. The ‘Fund’ shall be restricted for this purpose, reported on in the annual accounts, and an anonymised report on allocation reported to the full Trustee board at the AGM. Money will be allocated to this fund through grant application, donations, specific fundraising or from the charities general funds,.

Process - The method of managing this fund is intended to be robust enough to safeguard the fund and charities’ legal obligations but discreet and simple enough in operation so as not stigmatise nor discourage those in need from gaining access.

Once a ‘need’ is identified as a 'suitable for consideration', The Area Musical Director will obtain the ‘evidence’ needed for a decision to be made. Two Trustees will have devolved responsibility as decision makers from the Trustee Board (and be unconnected to the individual involved). They will consider the situation and decide on whether or not to offer funds for the individual’s attendance.

Fitting the criteria for consideration will not guarantee an allocation of funding. It is recognised that there are many calls upon our general charity funds and a lack of available funds in the ‘restricted’ fund set aside for this purposes, although undesirable may be a valid reason to not approve funding. It is intended that where possible funds will be raised to negate this possibility.

Appeal Process - If funding is declined in an individual case, an appeal can be made to the Board of Trustees at their next meeting.